The Use Of Mobile Applications In Higher Education Classes

It will enhance the visibility of departmental needs since teachers will make timely requests to ensure the optimal operation of their departmental sections. The questionnaire allowed for a quantitative assessment of the profile of the participants and collected data on the use that participants claimed to make of their mobile devices. This paper was developed within the scope of a PhD thesis that intends to characterize the use of mobile applications by the students of the University of Aveiro during class time. In this paper we present the context of the pilot, its technological settings, the analysed cases and the discussion and conclusions carried out to gather mobile applications usage data logs from students of an undergraduate degree on Communication Technologies. The implementation of the project was boosted by the willingness and readiness of all the current school stakeholders .

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Teachers, on the other hand, will benefit from the project as upon its implementation, teachers will be in a position to share curricular resources. The system administrator will keep checking the dialogue wall and the data service provider always to ensure that any problem that arises is dealt with accordingly and early before it escalates. KS Secondary School is experiencing high demand for the application of new technology to enhance the coordination of the school’s administrative and academic activities and strengthen the interactions amongst the primary stakeholders in the school community. The current project aims at implementing a new web-based School Information Management System with a user-friendly design and easy to use approach.

It can also be deemed contributing to the development of more efficient and effective programs while changing the learning environment by helping teachers share and exchange their experiences in an organized, systematic manner. Additionally, it offers support in the managerial roles of school administrators and other staff in accomplishing their tasks and duties. Hence, the school information management system enhances efficiency and effectiveness by saving time and providing alternative solutions to the myriad sophisticated problems in the school. It should also be noted, as previously mentioned, that only 4% mention not using them. With regards to the use during the week, 56% of the students refer using them between 4 to 5 days per week and 39% between 1 to 3 days per week. There is also a relatively low percentage of students mentioning that they use the devices during class more than ten times (4%).

This pilot aimed to build an approach to data analysis, close to the Grounded Theory methodology, in which a provisional theory is built based on the observed and analysed data (Alves et al., 2017; Long et al., 1993). The data collected in this pilot will serve to define a more complete methodology to be used in a larger study. It contains thousands of paper examples on a wide variety of topics, all donated by helpful students. You can use them for inspiration, an insight into a particular topic, a handy source of reference, or even just as a template of a certain type of paper. The database is updated daily, so anyone can easily find a relevant essay example. The parents, however, reported the highest level of satisfaction with the system at 80%.

Conclusion And Future Enhancements

The study was composed of 40 students, that answered the questionnaires. Thus, it was important to understand if what users report using corresponds to what they actually use, and if this use does not occur for distraction or entertainment, for example. The project implementers, however, need to address the issues raised by those who were not satisfied. The system development program will follow the following steps, having completed the first step, discovery. The methodology should address loopholes that can lender the data illegitimacy.

In HEIs there is also a growing tendency among members of the academic community to use mobile devices in their daily activities (Oliveira et al., 2017), and students expect these devices to be an integral part of their academic tasks, too (Dobbin et al., 2011). A great number of users take advantage of mobile devices to search information and, since they do not always have computers available, these devices allow them an easy access to academic and institutional information . The preliminary findings suggest that the use of apps during the theoretical classes of the Department of Communication and Art is quite high and that the most used apps are Social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

This is the step where the infrastructure is created on the premises and all the anticipated functionalities. The technical team will assemble the missing hardware and software, and it will connect the system to the database where the clients will be getting resources . Computers that use old software will also be updated with the new ones, and the general infrastructural connections will be made. The system developers will, with the help of the management, analyze the currently available data and make updates for online utility. After updating all the computers with new programs and data, connect to the data will proceed. Two operating system programs will be installed for the anticipated connection to succeed, namely, MYSQL Server edition or component and MySQL server 5.5.

  • After updating all the computers with new programs and data, connect to the data will proceed.
  • The reason given was that they were able to access data easily and can process the same in a short time .
  • The results present 6.6 accesses to the device per class/student in the class with the fewest accesses, and for the highest case, 313 accesses to the device per class/student.
  • The massive use of mobile devices has created new forms of social interaction, significantly reducing the spatial difficulties that could exist, and today people can be reached and connected anytime and anywhere (Monteiro et al., 2017).
  • The school has a ready infrastructure, and only a few programs will be purchased and installed for the implementation process to commence.

The company will also protect the academic website from cybercrimes during that time. The government, through the Ministry of Information and Technology, is subsidizing technological projects that are in line with government goals on the access of information. The school will, therefore, be among the beneficiaries of one hundred thousand dollars grant to fund the project. Another noticeable preliminary result is that students use Facebook more at the beginning of classes and Instagram is used more at the end, as we can see in Fig.4 and Fig.5. After treating the data on Tableau prep the generated data flow was imported to Tableau Desktop so that dynamic data visualizations were created.

Project Characteristics And Goals

Managerial efficiency is the management body’s effectiveness in the dissemination of duties of which it is responsible. In KS secondary school, the IT department was notable in giving parents the latest timely updates of their children’s performance, the printing of performance reports upon request, and the administration’s promptness in dealing with grievances and complaints. This paper aimed to describe the process of a pilot to carry out a larger study where we wanted to cross-reference actual usage data of mobile applications in the classroom with data from student questionnaires. In this article we also present the main results of this pilot, both from the point of view of the process of the pilot and from the point of view of the data of use of mobile applications by students in the classroom.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

Each category of users will have unique login details that will determine the nature of access they will have to such records. Manageengine application manager is a ready-to-use, affordable, and easy-to-use application management solution that aids institutions such as schools to monitor their mission-critical applications and information/data centers more effectively efficiently. It will help the institution monitor its web applications, databases, and systems, which are core to its daily operations. Moreover, its heterogeneous monitoring ability will help the school’s department to troubleshoot application performance issues with ease.

It was also established that the system would save the users’ time and money that could have been spent accessing files and other paper-based data generated within the school. After performing these tests, a scenario for this final pilot was set up to validate if the data to be collected matched the outlined objectives. In this final pilot, logs were collected in a classroom so that the scenario was as close to the desired collection as possible.

Project Aims And Objectives

However, they all had similarities and aim to put a system in operation and maintain it. The methodologies include traditional, structured, and object-oriented methods. The software requirements for this system are classified into two categories.

The reports that usually support these studies are made with questions directed to the users themselves asking them questions about the apps they have on the devices and the reasons for using them. However, Gerpott & Thomas argue that other types of studies are needed to properly support this type of research. Some parents and students will need training on the basics of its use as early as possible, or else it will be rendered useless.

The Aims And Objectives Of The Project

Another conclusion is that most of the students used a smartphone (88,9%, 75%, 52%) during class time, but many of them also used a computer (66,7%, 100%, 84%). The site will be validated, and the acceptance of its resources will be tested by the system administration . Three primary methodologies were chosen for the implementation of this project. Each method manifested itself in a way that could be distinguished from others.

They include client-side s/w requirements and Server-side s/w requirements. The hardware is basic of requirements for server or workstation, which is economical and stable performance. For this project to be finally brought into existence, its buildup must be planned, initiated, executed, and controlled according to success criteria.

However, when the students need a local database on their laptops and mobile phones, they should look no further as HanDbase has an extensive premade database library for free. From the above advantages and the disadvantages of HanDbase, KS secondary school can use it. It will be cost-saving and useful to the students in assessing their database. The direct communication between teachers and parents will reduce the need for parents to travel to the school to get updates on their children’s performance and progress. The application will also provide online fee ledgers, payments, and receipts information to parents to enhance efficiency in the clearance of fees and other payments by parents to the school .

RAD is an acronym of the Rapid Application Development model as used in system development. In this model, the development of components is done in parallel, like that of mini-projects. The flow of information is in such a way that it can be identified in various functions of a business. This approach is best suited in an environment where the client base is very large, and the outcome of the entire system is not predictable. DO wrote the introduction and discussion, and saw to the article structure, wrote the method section and conducted the data analysis.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

This report on Web-Based School Management Mobile Application was written and submitted by your fellow student. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. CentOS is a Linux distribution provided a free, enterprise-class, community-supported computing platform that aims to Educational Mobile Application Development be functionally compatible with its upstream source. There is very little experience among the recruited staff on matters dealing with web-based computing. This result is reinforced by results from other studies, such as the Mobile Survey Report, which states that students make regular use of laptops and smartphones during lessons (Seilhamer et al., 2018).

A school management system accommodates a large database system used to manage the schools’ daily business. The system is flexible and can be configured to cater for most of the schools’ needs. Additionally, it is designed for multi-user applications meaning it can accommodate thousands of users simultaneously. Essentially, the system can be described as a platform operating on a Local Area Network. This paper aims to trace the development of an information management system for KS Secondary School. The project aims at developing a computer application that will enhance the safety and instant access to school data to stakeholders such as teachers, parents, and students.

Sequence Diagram

This project aims at making the general interaction between parents and school management more comfortable than before by availing the most sought resources online. Parents will now be in a position of checking fees balances and the performance of their children without necessarily visiting the school . It will now be easier for them to access reading materials and course outlines, academic reports, and urgent announcements just by logging into the “Students Portal” tab that will be specifically meant for their utility .

Checking Your Browser Before Accessing Journals Sagepubcom

In other terms, this web-based can be compared to Microsoft Access in mobile devices . Laptops and phones are very useful when they have the Microsoft office with them. However, this web-based does not have integration into global databases. This, therefore, means that it is difficult to create it as a front end. The data that is in the device is local to the mobile device, and therefore one must synchronize it to the desktop app then import the data to the desktop database. To ease this process, one can buy the plug-ins that can automate the process.


Some of the computers are installed with obsolete programs that may not support heavy online tasks, and for this reason, the team has made recommendations for new hard discs to be purchased that will be used to update the computers. There are also prepared backup storage to schedule for backup the school system’s data and purchased UPS device supported server online service. The application’s development will also enhance my work at KS Secondary School, where I work as a system analyst. These reports will be generated centrally, thereby ensuring the completeness, accuracy, and timely availability of such reports. It demonstrates how the application will eradicate the human errors prevalently when teachers make manual records of student reports.

However, its primary demerits are its inability to support data migration, data replication, and data search. Web-based data management system software is software components that mainly reside on a web server. With the education system advancing at a fast pace, the significance of such software is required at every step to foster efficiency and the effectiveness of work. Web-based data management systems allow its users to benefit from a combination of all these technologies. Unlike other conventional technologies, web-based data management systems focus on the quality of service. Furthermore, it brings all utilities and presents them in a manner that clients can make the best use of them without necessarily knowing deeper details about technical operations.

Another factor that is mentioned is that users do not always report their usage completely accurately. On the other hand, the same study mentions that users may over or under report the use they make for reasons of sociability (Boase & Ling, 2013). The central focus of this study is, therefore, to show preliminary results of the use of applications by students in class time during theoretical classes, through logs collected during class time. The engagement of teachers and parents is vital to enhancing the sustainability of student progress both in and out of the school.

Infrastructural resources will be made available, and the funds to be used in the buildup will also be availed. Furthermore, web-based systems, unlike other conventional systems, are reliable, cheap, timeliness, protected, and flexible software . There are enough funds to finance the purchase of internet and system programs that are required. NETFLIX Technologies, a company that deals with the installation and offering of both Local Area Network and Wide Area Network services, has offered to start with our schools in its corporate philanthropic responsibilities.

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